About us

Team DGA was created to inform athletes of proper on-field safety protocol, to teach the specific fundamentals of each position, to provide mentorship and guidance off the field, as well as skills that will help these young men excel in life through sports. We take pride in developing our young athletes into great role models that demonstrate: 

  • Discipline 
  • Determination
  • Great Character
  • Pride On And Off The Field.

DGA will only staff position specialists that come highly recommended. DGA will also bring aboard former and current athletes that have not only excelled in sports, but; most importantly; portray exemplary character in everyday life. The best leader is the leader who leads by example.

Here at DGA, we will demand levels of determination that most athletes have yet to experience. Our goal is to prepare athletes for scholarship opportunities as well as providing the right tools to earn their degree. DGA has partnered with one of the best NFL Combine gurus in the country. Through DGA, you will have unlimited resources to help you obtain your academic and athletic goals. We are committed to teaching crucial fundamentals, which will dramatically decrease chances of injuries. We also have an agility and conditioning component to increase your overall athletic ability.

Join Team DGA where the team never loses. This is because even through failure, we win with a great learning experience.

Meet Team DGA Specialist

Daryl Graham

RB Specialist - Director

Aaron Shavers

QB Specialist

John Thompson

LB Specialist

Maurice Gaddie

DB Specialist

Josh Renel

RB- Return Specialist

Adam Carter

WR Specialist


OL/DL Specialist